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Pay Per Click


PPC is your solution for advancement of your business in the digital world. PPC service helps you target the suitable audience just precisely and will showcase your ad to the target audience. For that you would require a robust team that performs exceptionally, plans perfectly, strategies accordingly and executes correctly.

Hiring experts to render PPC service will give you measurable and fast benefits that will assist you to accomplish business goals!

Advantages Of PPC

  • Strong commercial value and buyer intent.
  • Search Query Reports and Highly profitable campaign
  • Effectively lower spend on ads and increase conversions.
  • Improved ROI through Bid management
  • Long tail keywords with low competition
  • High Relevant PPC traffic on website

Search Advertising

For conquering competition Search Advertisment is the smartest and quickest way. You get the chance of appearing in front of those people who are specifically looking for a certain service/product and you’re the one offering that.

Through Search Advertising your ad which is in the form of text becomes visible on the top of the search result. This happens when the customer uses a particular keyword and your ad is also associated with the same keyword. It improves the chances of generating quality leads, which can be turned into traffic, which further will be paying customers!

Display Advertising

Display Advertising is a broad field and has its numerous benefits for the business owner. Display advertising uses text, images, banners, etc. to promote the desired product/services on the third-party’s website mostly. Unlike Search Ads, you don’t require users to search for the targeted keywords so your ads may appear, here with the help of ads one can directly reach the ideal audience.

Team of Digital SKYLINK carefully creates Ads that are compelling and can leverage the most of Display Ads.


Remarketing in a nutshell is all about trying to convert the engagement of a user into sales conversion by targeting him once again. Although targeting him the second time brings changes in the existing methodology and strategy of marketing which is tailored to suit the purpose of remarketing.

This ad is made in a manner to fit the goal of user interaction more precisely, it is expected from the customer to click on the ad and interact with your website which offers him what exactly he is searching for. Remarketing can also be done by sending emails, reminders, providing them with the latest product/service insights.

Google Shopping Ads

Do you also wish to have your eCommerce business products appear on the top Google search result pages? Well, for that Google Shopping Ads or PLA Ads can assist you. We use the Google Merchant Center as a seller to submit required product data for Product Listing Ads, that is used for determining its relevance and appearance on Google Search. Google PLA Ads are clearly more effective than Search Advertising, with that said, managing Google Shopping Ads requires a good amount of time with suitable efforts. We’re proud to accomplish that for you!