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Search Engine Optimization


E-commerce development means taking your business to new heights where it can reach greater audiences by bringing your business online. In the current period, it is mandatory to present your business online for staying in the competition.  For that development of e-commerce websites is necessary. You might be new to all these or maybe experienced but in both cases, you will require expert assistance by Digital SKYLINK.

E-commerce development will help you navigate your way to the top of sales revenue and drive more traffic. Below are some ways we can work to meet your expectations easily.

Why SEO services can improve your business

SEO adds remarkable value to your business website. Through the SEO platform, you can enhance your online reputation and gain relevant customers. Our team uses best digital services to help you gain the right traction and deliver more growth.

  • Better traffic to websites
  • Drive conversion on rates
What can you expect from our SEO services

Global and National SEO

With the market ever expanding and growing, the customers are widespread. The physical boundaries do not limit access to your services & products, therefore it is important to tap every resource and reach the audience both globally and nationally, respective to your target. For the very reason, SEO is needed and must reach a farther audience and gain visibility. Ranking better and on the top search results of the search engine is quite an achievement, which will boost your business revenue.

SEO things we do that will help you Globally & Nationally:

  • SEO Audit
  • Effective Keyword Mapping
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing

Local SEO-Google My Business

We’re ready and eager to link the relevant keywords locally with your business through best SEO practices.

Google my business is a way to locally create the presence of your business in the specific targeted region. It allows the customer to verify your business online, as we’ll be adding the location of our business, your story, services you offer, and every other important detail they should be aware of. All these will pop up in the google search results.

This was just one way to head-start your success in local business, contact us and we’ve got more.

E-commerce SEO

In the digital age every business needs to get online, but just getting only is not enough. However, giving what your customers search out for and can be done by popping up in google’s search result. We do that with the help of E-commerce SEO practices tailored for unique business requirements and needs. Executed with the same goal of ranking higher, meaning higher chances of increase in business sales.

Keyword Research

Wish to know what keywords your customers use while looking out for the desired product? That information can help you with SEO strategy building, It will ease your task and will assist you to target the most popular words and most searched among the audience.

Our research will ensure that you find relevant and meaningful keywords related to your e-commerce business’s nature. Also, you will be provided with certain, specific, and clear keywords that would go best with your products. Understand in a better manner what your customers search and target them for your brand and products using keywords.

Content and Link Building

The customer in today’s era doesn’t look out or pay attention to the traditional and ordinary advertisement. Out of several dozen products/services marketed online there should be elements which can convince the customer to consider purchasing your commodity.

Content marketing is an intelligent way of branding your business through a number of content offered to the potential customer through interactive graphics, like pictures and videos or clever content or various media that can successfully engage the customer into checking out your business.

Similarly, building links by offering your content to the best and the trustworthy sites will result in improved online reputation and create a sense of brand awareness among your audience. Including this in your SEO strategy can help boost ranking!

Still confused? Allow us to handle it and craft a better and effective SEO strategy based on content marketing and link building.

E-commerce SEO Audit

Many times flaws in design, content and at other places on your website goes unnoticed, which affects its overall performance and current ranking. To find out your weakness, strength, specific areas where improvement is needed, you require a full E-commerce SEO Audit.

Get aware about the functioning status of Meta tags, Meta titles, URL, page loading speed, interlinking, etc. We’ll take due care of any errors, and will fix it to improve your e-commerce website.

Our knowledgeable SEO experts will combine information with meaningful content and products/services that you’re offering. Get a better website which successfully engages customers and increases conversions!

Product Optimization

A great marketing campaign will go into the dustbin if the product for which the campaign and advertisement are running is not properly optimized. The effectiveness of advertisement and heavy marketing totally depends upon the product quality that you’re willing to offer customers.

Just a mere listing of products/services online won’t do the work but making it worth buying through improvement and adjustment in the products online will do the work. Did you know that when a product is uploaded it should also have a proper and relevant title, detailed description, and high-quality visible images too?

Off page SEO

While on-page SEO helps a site to rank well by making the search engine understand the reason for its existence and purpose of various web pages, the off-page SEO does the work of increasing a website’s domain authority. Off-page SEO is also known as off-site SEO as it means functioning diversely outside of your website to affect search engine results page ranking.

To successfully optimize your site’s factors that affect the ranking, you need to improve its popularity, relevancy to the audience, and authority. For that it is necessary that your site is mentioned in already reputable places on the internet like on other websites, pages, various people, etc. That can be done by cleverly promoting your website, linking it with quality content.


You must be aware of the fact that pages with a higher number of backlinks experience higher organic search engine rankings.

We use SEO best practices for you to build links, rather than focusing on the quantity of backlinks we focus on its quality. Just one good quality backlink from a trustworthy and authoritative site is surely better than 1000 poor quality links. We do more than best to provide great quality and valuable content on your website which will earn shares, visitors and backlinks for you.

Guest Posting

One can consider content as a great tool for on the page as well as off page optimization. A well-researched, unique, and most importantly, relevant content can do the work of increasing traffic to your website.

Off page SEO experts at Digital SKYLINK believe and develop strategies which value a perfectly made blog and power of compelling content that can increase your website’s reach and traffic. We add great quality links to your website by guest posting on high-authority sites.

On page SEO

Page Title and Meta Description

our webpage’s title tag and it’s meta description plays a huge role in SEO ranking for a couple of reasons.  When performing SEO activities for your sites in order to rank up your website, keywords are like the heart of the process. You can have a list of primary and secondary keywords which should be targeted for SEO as well as for your marketing strategy. A meta title and meta description should be well versed with the primary keyword, a team of experts can surely assist regarding this and it helps google search queries, also it’s optimization can improve organic traffic.

If we take it from the point of SEO, then meta titles & descriptions that are well written will surely make your website stand out among others and will cut out the competition quickly. Accurate, relevant page title and description will increase the click-through rate and will decrease bounce-off rates.

Headings (Headers)

Better the web page is structured, better the recognition and appreciation it receives from Google. Web pages are full of content and for the very reason they should be organized accordingly. Heading of the topic, the points in it, sub points, these all should be arranged as per their importance and context of the content. When we talk about SEO, heading tags like H1 and H2 should be used accordingly to bring out the best of the content as it can highlight and help identify it’s purpose on the page.

When much detail and depth is present in the content, it is obvious to use H3 and H4 headers. Meaning, usage of proper headers is vital in the point of view of SEO rankings. We work to identify such places where even a simple improvement will bring out huge results, experts like us know how to effectively utilize and optimize the headings of the pages for better Google rankings.

On Page Content

A web page serves the purpose of providing valuable content to the visitors, this also determines on page and bounce rate metrics tracked by Google. Just clever optimization of meta titles, description and headings won’t do the long term task of ranking, no doubt they will surely show results for short term purposes.

On page content must be valuable in the perspective of visitors. There are no rooms left for simple lists and unappealing layouts. It;’s time to update, adapt and improve everything by adding user interactive media like graphics, videos, etc, along with concise, clear and informative content which in return will boost rankings gradually.

What can you expect from our SEO services

Code Efficiency

Optimization of your website remains incomplete without taking a good look at its coding. Code, which misses consistency and data integrity normally slows down the loading speed of the website. We optimize your website by minimizing code which adds efficiency into the site and is well recognized by Google. It also speeds up the loading speed of your website and overall ranking tends to improve.

Mobile Responsiveness

Nowadays, due to easy access to the internet, people use various types of devices like a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc to view their desired site. This means that the website should be responsive, in simple words it should adapt to every type of device in which it is opened. The width, length, layout, and content of the website adjust and resizes suiting the respective device. Google will prefer a responsive website over a non-responsive one.

Website Speed

Google functions pretty accurately to deliver its user with proper, relevant and best results. They continuously keep updating their algorithms for improving user’s experience. There are certain factors determined by Google that affect ranking of any website and website’s speed is one of them. A website which is faster will obviously provide better user experience, and Google will always deliver a website which is faster or the fastest. Your page should be loaded in less than 2.5 seconds.